welcome to dnsmonster documentation!

The documentation is broken down into different sections, Getting Started focuses on installation and post installation work like compiling dnsmonster from source, setting up services, shell complations and more. Configuration gets into details of how to configure dnsmonster, and how to identify and solve potential performance bottlenecks. The majority of your configuration is done inside the Input and Output sections.

You’ll learn where can you put filter on incoming traffic, sample inputs, mask IP addresses before even passing the packets on processor. After process, you’ll be able to exclude certain FQDNs from being sent to output, or include certain domains to be logged.

All above will generate a ton of useful metrics for your DNS infrastructure. dnsmonster has a builtin metrics system that can integrate to your favourite metrics aggregator like prometheus or statsd.

Getting Started

Getting Started with dnsmonster


Learn about the command line arguments and what they mean

Inputs and Filters

Set up an input to receive data


Set up output(s) and gather metrics


Some Design Templates


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