PostgreSQL is regarded as the world’s most advanced open source database. dnsmonster has experimental support to output to postgreSQL and any other compatible database engines (CockroachDB).

Configuration options

# [psql_output]
# What should be written to Microsoft Psql. options:
#	0: Disable Output
#	1: Enable Output without any filters
#	2: Enable Output and apply skipdomains logic
#	3: Enable Output and apply allowdomains logic
#	4: Enable Output and apply both skip and allow domains logic

# Psql endpoint used. must be in uri format. example: postgres://username:password@hostname:port/database?sslmode=disable

# Number of PSQL workers

# Psql Batch Size

# Interval between sending results to Psql if Batch size is not filled. Any value larger than zero takes precedence over Batch Size

# Timeout for any INSERT operation before we consider them failed

# Save full packet query and response in JSON format.
Last modified July 10, 2022: basic docs for postgres (d1bce59)