Apache Kafka

Possibly the most versatile output supported by dnsmonster. Kafka output allows you to connect to endless list of supported sinks. It is the recommended output module for enterprise designs since it offers fault tolerance and it can sustain outages to the sink. dnsmonster’s Kafka output supports compression, TLS, and multiple brokers. In order to provide multiple brokers, you need to specify it multiple times.

Configuration Parameters

; What should be written to kafka. options:
;	0: Disable Output
;	1: Enable Output without any filters
;	2: Enable Output and apply skipdomains logic
;	3: Enable Output and apply allowdomains logic
;	4: Enable Output and apply both skip and allow domains logic
KafkaOutputType = 0

; kafka broker address(es), example: Used if kafkaOutputType is not none
KafkaOutputBroker =

; Kafka topic for logging
KafkaOutputTopic = dnsmonster

; Minimum capacity of the cache array used to send data to Kafka
KafkaBatchSize = 1000

; Kafka connection timeout in seconds
KafkaTimeout = 3

; Interval between sending results to Kafka if Batch size is not filled
KafkaBatchDelay = 1s

; Compress Kafka connection
KafkaCompress = false

; Use TLS for kafka connection
KafkaSecure = false

; Path of CA certificate that signs Kafka broker certificate
KafkaCACertificatePath =

; Path of TLS certificate to present to broker
KafkaTLSCertificatePath =

; Path of TLS certificate key
KafkaTLSKeyPath =
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